Quality and Outcomes

We have reached our goal to become the best provider of specialist care in London and we are now widely recognised as the best specialist provider in the Country. We don't just strive to meet the expectations of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who inspect our services: our mission is to surpass those expectations by some considerable margin.

Our top priority is always to put the interests of our young people first. In doing so, we seek to exceed the expectations of others whose input and respect are critical
to our success: the families who entrust their children to us and the commissioners who refer cases to London Care Partnership.

Feedback that matters
The young people who use our services make a crucial contribution to our quality monitoring system. They join in the same forum that invites praise and criticism from their support network, their families, external professionals and our own staff.

Acting on these and a number of other indicators, the Quality of Life Lead and Head of Operations will ensure that:

Services run smoothly

Homes are well managed

Systems of internal review are well maintained

Our services comply with the law

We follow best practice

Quality Training
Our biggest investment is in our people. Our Quality Programme ensures
that managers and staff receive appropriate training, supervision and support.
We instigate a mentoring framework so that new staff share the knowledge and experience of senior colleagues.

We invite Specialist Clinicians, experts in their fields, to provide additional guidance in areas such as autism, Asperger's syndrome, behaviours that challenge and other areas of mental health.