Our Team and Specialist Support

Meet any member of our team at London Care Partnership and you'll quickly
understand what makes us special.

We recruit talented and dedicated individuals who take pride in their profession. Then we do something quite unique.

We train them to meet the specific needs of the young people in our care.

One-on-one training...
Investing heavily in relevant and up-to-date training with programmes tailored
to each member of our team, all will benefit from initiatives such as mentoring, on-going training, continuous learning and careful supervision.

... for one-on-one support
All this is designed to benefit those we support. Our team will know the individuals well, their likes and dislikes, and all about the particular challenges they face.

We provide a superior working environment for our people. This helps us with
staff retention which, in turn, means we can go on providing continuity of care to those we look after.

We never use agency staff. Instead, we have our own 'bank' system to provide consistent, continuous care.

Finally, we offer attractive remuneration packages and flexible working conditions. Plus we keep an eye on career progression, opening new doors and giving the members of our team the chance to work with some of the most talented experts
in their field.

Behaviour Analysis
One of the most unique facets of care we provide is our own Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). Sarah Wakeling focuses on aspects of an individual's environment – physical and social – and how these impact behaviour.

Developing a Behaviour Support Plan, Sarah will start to work on those issues that get in the way of positive learning and introduce a range of techniques that will instead reinforce positive attitudes and develop new life skills.

Sarah provides specific training to fellow staff members to make sure the team as a whole uses the same approach, in line with the particular individual's Behaviour Support Plan. This is then regularly reviewed and adapted as time goes on.

Speech & Language Therapy
Another unique facet of the care we provide is our focus on communications skills. Kim Haddon is our in-house Speech & Language Therapist.

Each of our young people is assessed before we prepare their own individual 'communication passport'. Where challenges present, staff receive tailored training sessions from the Speech & Language Therapist to ensure they support each person's developmental needs.

Thanks to a range of therapies, this soon results in enhanced interaction with the staff and fellow residents. Our young people see their confidence boosted and their personalities flourish.