Our Activities

Day to day, the team at London Care Partnership encourages each and every
individual to participate in daily living tasks. As well as reinforcing life skills and routines, working together with their peer group helps them prepare for independent living.

Beyond these familiar, everyday routines, we introduce them to a range of activities and a world of opportunities.

Fantastic days out
As an integral part of their support and development plan, we organise meaningful activities out in the community. Combining leisure with learning, our days out include:

Park and farm visits

Musical and theatre trips

Theme park visits

Dancing and drama




Horse riding


The list goes on. As opportunities arise, our team makes a careful assessment, balancing risks and benefits, building one-off events into the fabric of their daily lives.

Fun at home Our in-house programmes are designed around the individual, in consultation with the Home Manager. We have our own Aromatherapist and access to Music and Art Therapy.

Extensive, structured therapies take many forms:







We also organise social events both at home and in the community, opportunities
for our young people to enjoy the company of their peers and those they meet.

Learning something new
Others ways in which they can explore their potential include the many
educational activities we can arrange. London Care Partnership works closely
with a number of schools and colleges, devising tailored courses in a variety of subjects that will prepare them for all kinds of jobs in the future. Learning IT skills, joinery, horticultural, and many other skills.

Working in the community
Ultimately, all of our activities are designed to prepare these young people for fulfilling, independent lives. That's why we work closely with businesses, charities and other organisations in our local communities so that our individuals can begin to integrate fully into those communities. Making their own special contribution, be it through voluntary work or paid employment.