London Care Partnership provides specialist residential support for young adults. Through our programmes of education and activity – at home and in the community – we lead individuals on a journey to greater independence, preparing them for the transition to supported living.

Sowing the seeds of success

Come to us at London Care Partnership and you will find:
A purpose-built environment that feels like home.
A professional team around you that feels like a family.
A record of success that can give you confidence in the future.

Our Services

At London Care Partnership, everything we do centres on the individual, giving them positive, person-centred support.

Our Homes

Each of our homes is a safe haven that include spacious gardens and outside areas that add variety to daily routines.

Our Activities

The team at LCP encourages each and every individual to participate in daily living tasks, reinforcing life skills and routines, working together with their peer group.

Our Team / Special Support

Meet any member of our team at LCP and you'll quickly understand what makes us special. We train them to meet the specific needs of the young people in our care.

Already widely recognised as the best specialist provider in the Country, we work closely with 15 Boroughs around Greater London.

There are many reasons why the young men and women we support do so well. Along with staffing levels that can provide one-on-one support, our team includes a dedicated Behavioural Analyst and a team of Speech and Language Therapists.

And because we do not employ agency staff, we can provide continuity and a
consistency of care, the kind you'd expect to find in any thriving family.

Happy, fulfilling lives
Thanks to the care with which each assessment is made, to say nothing of the talents and dedication of our team every step of the way, we have a record to be proud of. We have yet to see any of our placements break down.